Do You Know Poutine

Canada's favorite dish from the French Canadian province of Québec consists of Fries, Cheese Curds & Gravy. At The Poutine Kitchen, we are always committed to origin and a love of origin. That's why we created an authentic poutine experience that tastes like it's in Quebec.

If you want to know what makes real poutine and why Canadians swear by their poutine so much, we cordially invite you to get to know and love poutine with us. Bon Appetit!

French Fries

Crispy French fries are the basis for a delicious poutine. We make our fries the way they simply taste best: crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. We recommend leaving the skin on the potato.

Cheese Curds

The mild cheese curds are probably the most important part of the poutine - without this cheese, poutine is not real poutine! Characteristic is their special texture, which causes the curds to squeak while chewing. Squeak Squeak! The special production of cheese curds, or "fromage en grains", as the Québecians call them, is called cheddaring and goes back to the tradition of cheddar cheese. Small pieces of fresh cheese are used for this, even before it is formed into its usual shape. Because cheese curds must not mature. It must squeak...

In addition to the classic combination, as part of poutine with fries and gravy, cheese curds can be prepared in other ways: for example as an extra delicious deep fried variant in combination with maple syrup and powdered sugar.

Our Original Cheese Curds were the first of their kind in Germany. In addition, we offer you real cheese curds from Canada as an absolute novelty for the German market!

Poutine Gravy

As a finale, the poutine is smothered in rich and hot Gravy, a peppery-spicy sauce. The Poutine Kitchen's Original Poutine Gravy is vegetarian and extra hearty. It stands out due to its unique recipe.

The history of the poutine

Poutine is soul food par excellence. But where does the dish with this unusual name come from? There are all sorts of myths surrounding the history of poutine: In any case, the success story of poutine begins in rural Québec in the mid-1950s. Legend has it that it was at a diner in the town of Warwick that regular Eddy Lainesse first ordered Frites et fromage en grains . A brilliant culinary idea. Thanks Ed! When Eddy expressed his unusual wish, the restaurant owner is said to have replied: "Ça va faire une maudite poutine!", meaning: It's going to be a huge mess! And there she was born - the poutine, Canada's and our favorite food. Other sources, however, suspect the origin of poutine in the city of Drummondville, where Jean-Paul Roy is considered the inventor of poutine. For his restaurant he created his own sauce, the Gravy. Combined with French fries and the daily freshly produced cheese curds from the region, the culinary insider tip was first found on the menu of his restaurant Le Roy Jucep, which opened in 1964. The restaurant's role as the birthplace of poutine has even been officially recognized by Canada's government.

Vive la Poutine!

Poutine makes Canada hungry! And the possibilities of poutine are as diverse and colorful as Canada itself. Combinations with other specialties such as bacon and fried eggs as a breakfast option, Korean kimchi and hearty smoked meat inspire culinary imagination. But despite all the creativity, remember: fries, cheese curds and gravy always form the basis of real poutine!

And? Did you get an appetite?

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Poutine kann auch in unendlich vielen Variationen nach belieben und nach jedem Geschmack zubereitet werden. Entdecke unsere vielfältigen und kreative Rezepte.

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