Poutine Cheese Alternatives - When the authentic taste is not available

Looking for delicious poutine cheese alternatives? As The Poutine Kitchen, we're known for our authentic cheese curds, which are the heart of every poutine. But sometimes finding the real poutine cheese can be difficult. No worries! We have some suggestions for you to preserve the flavor and texture of your poutine even when the real deal isn't available.

  1. Halloumi: This Cypriot cheese with its unique texture is a great alternative for poutine. Halloumi has a mild flavor and keeps its shape when cooked. Cut into cubes or break the cheese into small pieces and place it on top of your crispy fries before dousing them with hot gravy. You'll love the tender texture and salty taste.

  2. Mozzarella: Another substitute for poutine cheese is mozzarella. This Italian cheese is known for its ability to string when melted. Choose a fresh mozzarella variant and spread small pieces over your fries before dousing them with gravy. Mini mozzarella balls are also a very good choice. These will slowly melt and add a creamy touch to your poutine. Enjoy the mild, milky taste!

  3. Vegan cheese: If you are looking for a plant-based alternative to cheese curds, substitutes for halloumi or mozzarella are suitable. Any other vegan cheese can also be used. It is important that it is not too soft and only melts slightly.

Of course, these alternatives can't quite replace the unique flavor and texture of real poutine cheese. But if you have no other choice and can no longer suppress the craving for poutine, halloumi or mozzarella are good options to at least enjoy something similar.

However, if you want the ultimate poutine experience, we recommend using our authentic cheese curds . Our Cheese Curds are made using traditional recipes and are the only ones in Germany that offer the true taste of poutine.

At The Poutine Kitchen we are proud to bring the real Poutine cheese to Germany. We want to make sure every poutine lover can enjoy the authentic experience. Visit our website to learn more about our products and stock up on Original Cheese Curds and Gravy .

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