The delicious history of poutine - Canada's national dish

Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of poutine? As passionate purveyors of authentic poutine products in Germany, we, The Poutine Kitchen, would like to bring you closer to the story behind this Canadian national dish. Learn about the unique taste of poutine gravy, where to buy poutine sauce and poutine cheese, and what type of cheese is used in this savory dish.

The origin of poutine is often associated with an interesting anecdote. It is said that in the 1950s, a customer at a Québec food stand asked for a batch of French fries with cheese. The takeaway owner, named Fernand Lachance, had a vision to create something unique. He took the crispy fries, topped them generously with fresh shredded cheese and drizzled them with rich gravy. The result was poutine - a treat that immediately wowed people. From there, the fascination with poutine spread like wildfire and it became a culinary symbol of Canada. The dish derives its name from the French word "poutine" which means "disorder" or "mess".

The poutine sauce, also known as gravy, is the centerpiece of this dish. It gives the combination of crispy fries and cheese an incomparable taste explosion. Our poutine sauce at The Poutine Kitchen is authentic and carefully prepared to convey the traditional taste of Canada. It is rich, hearty and slightly tangy, perfectly balanced with the other ingredients.

If you want to buy Poutine Gravy, have a look at our online store. We offer the Original Poutine Gravy from The Poutine Kitchen. With just one click you can bring the authentic taste of Canada home.

Another important ingredient in poutine is the cheese. In the traditional preparation, pieces of cheese are used, which melt easily when heated and spread over the fries and sauce. This slightly melted cheese gives the poutine its creamy texture and added flavor. At The Poutine Kitchen we offer high quality Original Cheese Curds that are perfect for your homemade poutine.

You may be wondering what type of cheese is used in poutine. Well, traditionally, cheddar cheese curds are used because they melts nicely when heated and have a strong flavor. However, the curds in poutine are not fully melted, but retain their shape and consistency, giving the dish its unique character.

Although poutine has its origins in Canada, it has now also become very popular in Germany too. More and more people are discovering this delicious dish and are amazed by its unique taste. Poutine is more than just a snack or side dish - it's a culinary experience not to be missed. If you're in Germany and want to try poutine, you've come to the right place at The Poutine Kitchen.

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