Authentic Poutine - Discover the secrets of sauce and cheese

Welcome to a culinary journey to Canada, home of poutine! As Canada's national dish, it has become a worldwide favorite. But what makes poutine sauce and cheese authentic? Let's take a look at these essential ingredients.

Poutine is basically crispy french fries, cheese and a rich sauce. The sauce, also known as gravy, is crucial to the flavor of this treat. It gives the fries an irresistible moisture and a hearty taste.

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Along with the sauce, the cheese is another crucial ingredient in poutine. Traditionally, we use cheese in the form of cheese curds for poutine. Cheese curds are small, grainy pieces of cheese with a soft texture and a mild, milky flavor. The cheese shouldn't melt completely, but should melt just slightly to create the perfect poutine experience.

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In Canada, poutine is more than just a dish — it's a culinary icon. The right sauce and cheese play a crucial role in maintaining the authenticity of this delicious national dish.

Classic poutine with sauce and cheese

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